‘Push Back’ with Emily James

Emily hosts ‘Push Back’, a monthly radio show at NTS community radio based in Dalston, East London. NTS is a unique platform for inspired people to present their findings, passions and obsessions. The charm of this show is only enhanced by the ‘technical difficulties’ faced, particularly the fact that everyone has to crowd around just one mic!


Episode 1 – DALE FARM – field recordings with Marina Pepper (of Just Do It fame) on the eve of the impending eviction of Dale Farm.


Episode 2 – OCCUPY – a potted history (one month in) – In-studio guest James Leadbitter


Episode 3 – THE GENERAL STRIKE (on the day) – In-studio guest Leah Borromeo


Episode 4 – SQUAT THE LOT – Incognito in-studio guest




Episode 5 – FRACK OFF – In-studio guest “Nathan”


Episode 6 – GET YOUR HACK ON – In-studio guest Becky Hogge


Episode 7 – UK UNCUT – In-studio guest Stephen Reid