‘Push Back’ with Emily James

Emily hosts ‘Push Back’, a monthly radio show at NTS community radio based in Dalston, East London. NTS is a unique platform for inspired people to present their findings, passions and obsessions.┬áThe charm of this show is only enhanced by the ‘technical difficulties’ faced, particularly the fact that everyone has to crowd around just one mic!


Episode 1 – DALE FARM – field recordings with Marina Pepper (of Just Do It fame) on the eve of the impending eviction of Dale Farm.


Episode 2 – OCCUPY – a potted history (one month in) – In-studio guest James Leadbitter


Episode 3 – THE GENERAL STRIKE (on the day) – In-studio guest Leah Borromeo


Episode 4 – SQUAT THE LOT – Incognito in-studio guest




Episode 5 – FRACK OFF – In-studio guest “Nathan”


Episode 6 – GET YOUR HACK ON – In-studio guest Becky Hogge


Episode 7 – UK UNCUT – In-studio guest Stephen Reid

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