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Our Verdict The Panasonic Toughbook A3 is well suited for tough jobs in under perfect conditions thanks to its IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certifications. The tablet includes an 800 nit display with anti-reflective coating for exterior use and the apparatus can readily be customized to fulfill the needs of the field workers and first responders. To get Hot-swappable batteries Programmable physical buttons Expandable Bright display for outdoor usage Dual SIM assistance Against Android Expensive Field employees often find themselves in harsh environments where a standard consumer grade tablet only wouldn’t have the ability to hold out against the cold, rain, heat or other conditions that they encounter which is the reason why they turn to rocky tablets such as Panasonic’s brand new Toughbook A3. The organization’s latest rugged tablet computer is the successor to the Toughbook A2 that started back in 2016 along with quite a few upgrades have been made to the system that make it an even better match for those in operating in industries such as the militaryand construction, government, law enforcement, health care and enterprise. We have spent the last few weeks trying out the Toughbook A3 and getting a sense of how first responders and other portable workers may benefit from Panasonic’s most rocky Android tablet nonetheless. In this short article, we will take a closer look at the components, software and expertise of employing this tabletcomputer. (Image credit: Anthony Spadafora)DesignAs Panasonic’s Panasonic Toughbook A3 review latest rocky tablet bears the Toughbook name, it shares the identical silver and black colour scheme found on lots of the company’s rugged notebooks. Even though the device weighs 1. 98lbs it does not feel overly heavy and Panasonic did manage to shave . 2lbs when compared to its predecessor the Toughbook A2. The pill is a tiny bit more than half an inch thick . 65cm along with the device feels quite hardy with no flex or offer at all. (Picture credit: Anthony Spadafora)The inch display takes up most of the front of the apparatus and is guarded with a metallic bezel that wraps all of the way round which also houses a 5MP front-facing camera, microphone and ambient light detector. A hard plastic casing protects the edges of the Toughbook A3 from drops and here you will get a total of eight physical buttons with five of these being fully user customizable together with a volume up, volume down along with power button. (Image credit: Anthony Spadafora)On left side of this device there’s a 16v DC In charging interface alongside a whole USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. On the right side of the Toughbook A3 you are going to come across an audio jack, safety lock and a slot to hold the included stylus. The Base of the device contains a Cradle I/F connector Together with optional double pass through connectors